The ’10 Unleashed From Ford Mustang

The 2010 Ford Mustang is being supported by 10 mini-documentaries that showcase the car in action. The mini-docs are the end result of a contest from the car brand last spring, where customers (and a couple celebs) were asked to dream big in a Mustang.
The piece below showcases drift racer Vaughn Gittin, Jr. living out his ultimate experience in a Mustang by traveling to Japan–where his sport was invented–and racing with the legends.

Other mini-docs in the series include Queen Latifah at top speed on the race track, illusionist Steve Wyrick incorporating a 2010 Mustang into one of his acts and consumer Roger Keeney driving blindly.
I like the structure of this campaign. What started as consumer generated contest was advanced considerably by an investment in content. In this case the content is housed on a site with the perfect advertainment/utility mix. For instance the ability to “build and price” a new Mustang, and the ability to add custom modifications is integrated right into the site.

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