Technorati Drinking Google Juice

Hugh MacLeod points to a new Technorati feature, where it’s easy to find blogs by category. In the Advertising category, Adjab is ranked atop the list. Whereas Adrants is not ranked at all. I expect that to change shortly, when Steve Hall finds out about this and enters appropriate “tags” that will lead to his media property being ranked high, if not at the top of this list. The fact Adrants is not there now calls into question the validity of this ranking system.
In Hugh’s comments, Kathy Sierra says:

Blog Finder is ludicrously easy to game. I just made myself the #3 authority on Microsoft ; ) But Scoble temporarily made himself the #1 authority on Apple, so what the hell…
It’s probably only a matter of days before every major topic returns an identical list of the most-linked blogs, in order, regardless of the true nature of the blog.

I’ll add that I prefer human-generated rankings to any computer’s. Sure the number of incoming links give an indication of the blog’s “market value,” but a numeric popularity system lacks nuance and detail. For instance, I can say I like American Copywriter and the fact that I do, leads me to believe Sullivan Higdon & Sink (the agency where the blog is hosted) is a progressive place where smart people thrive. No computer is ever going to tell you that.



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