Talking Business Over Pumpkin Pie

Last Thursday, as we gathered around our closest friends and family, we hopefully all found many things to be thankful for.
Steffan Postaer, for one, used the holiday to reflect on how thankful he is for his career in advertising (which appears to be going quite well).

No matter how tawdry and desperate things can get in Ad Land there is simply no other vocation I would prefer. For over 20 years advertising has been my life. It has put food on my table and given me a purpose driven life. I get paid to come up with ideas for an ever-changing assortment of clients. I get paid to THINK. Imagine that? When I was a boy I knew my mind was cluttered with amazing things. I had confidence in my God-given smarts. And for most of my adult life, so have a lot of other people. What a blessing! We should all be so lucky. Chances are many of you are.
These are troubling times. Some might argue we should be thankful for having jobs at all. Fair enough. But tough times are part of life. When you are sitting at the dinner this holiday, listen to your kin. Ask them how their jobs are going. Listen to their gripes.

It would be fun to sit at the Postaer dining table on Thanksgiving. Steffan’s mom, dad and brother are all prominent citizens of Adlandia, and no doubt, they all have endlessly rich stories to tell. My mom was a brand planner who worked on Kraft and J&J among others. We always like to share stories about our work. It’s fun and often times informative.



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Co-founder, editor, and publisher of David wrote his first ad for a political candidate when he was 17 years old. She won her race and he felt the seductive power of advertising for the first time. Today, David is a creative director in Austin, Texas.