Take This Blog And Shove It

Yesterday, I attended Blog Walk 6.0, a conference of sorts, where sixteen bloggers from across the U.S. and Europe arranged themselves in small open space groupings to discuss a wide variety of topics. How to make money from blogging was one hot topic we explored. The dawn of corporate blogs was another. Naturally, the purists in the room found that particular topic somewhat distasteful.
Today, I found the same topic circulating in the blogosphere itself.
Notably, Hugh MacLeod made an entry on his blog that spawned some contentious commentary: “So the blogosphere waits for the corporate-mainstream “Tipping Point” to arrive, the point where blogging stops being the supposed realm of freaks, weirdos, unemployed marketing consultants, unpublished novelists, political junkies and underworked cube dwellers, and starts being HUGE! An essential pillar of any corporate strategy and execution etc etc.”
John Moore of Brand Autopsy responded: “My fear is that blogs will bludgeoned by marketers who want to control the conversation and find ways to make money off of it. We



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