Six Flags’ “Mr Six” Likely To Get Deep-Sixed

New management at a client usually means changes in marketing tactics or switching agencies.
But in the case of Six Flags, the changes will be more drastic. The new management team includes Daniel Snyder, who made his fortune in junk ma–I mean direct mail. He’s now the owner of The Washington Redskins, where he once charged admission for fans to see the team practice in training camp.
Ad Age has more:

Mr. Snyder further argues in filings that Six Flags’ advertising and marketing had no clear message; targets only one of two key demographics; is expensive and lacks co-branded marketing. He also said the company has too few strategic concession relationships, and those are with tired and dated brands not recognized by children.
Mr. Snyder wants to target mothers and young children as well as teens; use more targeted, direct marketing and sell category-excusive rights to food items with name-brand food marketers. He also proposes renaming rides and attractions with paid sponsorships and to charge fees for exclusive “official sponsorships” with “more modern” brands like action sports, movie celebrities and musicians.

Six Flags’ current agency is Doner, but you can bet that won’t last. I pity the poor agency who has to go meet with Snyder and present a marketing plan. They’ll definitely have to kiss his ring–of course, that wouldn’t be a Super Bowl ring.



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