Site AI Aims To Bring Big Interpretation To Big Data

I’ve written before about a company called Automated Insights and their “written” fantasy football recaps and other content.

Now, they’re broadening their reach with the launch of Site AI, a new service that summarizes web analytics and site stats using reports written to simulate everyday language.


This could mark an interesting turning point in our use of data, charts, dashboards, and infographics and solve one of big data’s big problems: The need to put it in language anyone can understand. As the site itself says:

The problem with dashboards is they don’t directly provide insights or deliver knowledge about the data. Even worse, most visualizations require the user go through the mental exercise of interpreting the results. Site Ai does the analysis for you and presents the information in plain English.

I’ve always said that infographics are more “graphics” than “info,” simply because so many visuals are open to misinterpretation. And the big problem for most ad agencies, and other firms, is the lack of ability to turn the data into information we can use. Site AI, even though it’s auto-generated, might be able to help us make more of the data we actually collect. Which could lead to better insights, more effective user experiences, and bigger ideas.

It’s one small victory for verbal presentation against the onslaught of visual information.



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