Seven Mobile Apps Every Advertising Agency Should Pitch To Their Clients

Seven Mobile Apps Every Advertising Agency Should Pitch To Their ClientsWith smartphones and the Internet, technology has taken off, and people now use it to run their daily lives. Of course, more importantly, people in business have harnessed smartphone apps to run day-to-day operations and get ahead against the competition. With this in mind, here are seven mobile apps every advertising agency should pitch to its clients.

DoubleDutch: The best mobile event app in the marketplace right now. With it you can organize an event and make things easier on attendees and hosts. Whether hosting a small and formal corporate convention, large or small, a business can make the most of it by using DoubleDutch. In reality, old and antiquated ways are going out the door, and a new entrepreneur must understand that by using the right apps such as DoubleDutch. Remember, as a marketing agency, it is important to talk this one up as it will help an individual achieve greatness.

Google Analytics: A small or large business must track website visitors. Otherwise, it is impossible to know which advertising campaigns work and which fail the organization. To get started, one would simply need to download and install this application and then enter their user information. Luckily, this is a free and powerful app that will allow a person to read, in detail, the traffic of his or her site.

CardMunch: For the busy salesperson, it is important to have an app which enables them to save business card information. Gone are the days of stuffing them in pockets and taking them home to a large Rolodex. Now, people will want to use and access this information quickly and without any issue. Luckily, with CardMunch, a person can take a quick picture of a business card and even add the individual on their LinkedIn profile with one click. This is, without a doubt, the best app to save and retain business card information.

Dropbox: Most people already have this program and use it religiously. Simply put, when trying to save files and edit them across the world, a person should use Dropbox. One can use this on their laptop, home computer, tablet or smartphone. Since it is so easy to manage on multiple platforms, a user will have no trouble with this app wherever he or she is.

Evernote: Again, it is pertinent to remain organized while turning a marketing campaign. With Evernote, one can do this without hesitation. To get started, a user would need to download the app, sign up for an account and then start entering information.

TripIT: Often, a traveling salesperson will need to make quick changes to his or her flight or hotel booking. With TripIT, one can access this information easily and without any problems. With this, one can see their reservations and make small changes as needed.

Cisco WebEx: When looking for a comprehensive video chat solution, one should look to Cisco WebEx. With this, people from all over the world can hop on their devices and hold a Web conference. This is a cheap and efficient way for people across the world to work on a project together. Simply put, when looking for the best chat solution, one should download this great app.

With these seven apps, a marketing person can help his or her customers run the best organization and increase productivity.

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