Resistance Is Kind Of A Weird Angle For Booze Advertising

Making gin is something chemists do. It’s complicated, like life itself.
This alchemical twist is brought to life in a new W+K Amsterdam spot for Diageo’s gin brand, Tanqueray.

David Kiefaber of Brand Freak doesn’t care for the urbane sophistication portrayed in the ad. He says it has a “smarmy, young Hugh Hefner vibe to them that I don’t appreciate.”
My own response is simple enough. Is “resisting simple” really something people want to do right now?
I’m sure the brand has studies to back up the idea, and no doubt there is a 20-something element that’s constantly seeking new experiences and complicated entaglements. But I’m equally confident that there’s another trend afoot, one where 20-somethings are looking at the excesses of older generations and saying whoa, let’s examine that decision over a Hamm’s.



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