Rescuing Lost Brands

Having grown up in Atlanta, I’ve always had a soft spot for Home Depot. Seriously. I remember shopping at their first store. They were known for having good service. The founders of the company were known for being down-to-earth, and now that they’ve cashed out they’ve given back to the ATL community in numerous ways.
So John Wagner’s recent experience there, along with lots of other things I’ve heard and read about Home Depot, have led me to think that it’s a brand that has lost its way.
What happens when brands stray from the core values they attempt to live up to? What role does advertising and marketing play? It’s the subject of my new column on Talent Zoo. Check it out. I hope you enjoy it.
UPDATE (1/3/06 8:50): Man, talk about timing. I wrote the TZ column 4 days ago. On the way to work today, I hear the news that Bob Nardelli, CEO of Home Depot and the person most associated with HD’s recent corporate culture change, is out as of today. I’m influential, baby 😉



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