Red Bull Drinkers Have Little Use For Advertising

I love first hand accounts like this. So without further ado, the real story from True at Beyond Madison Avenue.

When Target Audiences Attack
The other day I was driving on the highway to Chicago. I was behind a Red Bull Energy Drink promotional car, which is basically a modified compact car with a giant Red Bull can on top.
Then, a rusty pickup with two teen boys in the front seat comes barreling through the left lane, and pulls dangerously close to the Red Bull car. The passenger in the pickup throws an open Red Bull can at the Red Bull car, which bounces off and falls under my tires. And the driver of the Red Bull car, understandably freaked out, is swerving in his lane and honking his horn as the pickup speeds away at about 85 or 90 mph.
So, I’m wondering just how much Red Bull those guys in the pickup had been drinking.



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