Razorfish 2009 FEED Report

Editor’s Note: Here’s more information from the Razorfish report mentioned last night on AdPulp (Looks like Brian Morrissey got the report before we did).
The 2009 Razorfish FEED Report is out. FEED is a snapshot of the state of connected consumers and how digital branding influences their purchasing habits. Among the points in the 2009 edition:razorfish-feed-2009.jpg

  • The digital language of love – deals, deals, deals. Consumers are largely engaging with brands to receive exclusive promotions or discounts. Of those who follow a brand on Twitter, 44% say that access to good deals is the main reason.
  • Digital can make or break a brand. 65% of consumers say a digital experience, either positive or negative, changed their opinion of a brand. And in that group, almost all (97%) indicated their experience influenced whether or not they eventually purchased that brand.
  • Actions speak louder than advertising. People who actively engage with a brand digitally–from participating in a contest to downloading a mobile application–are substantially more inclined to purchase and recommend that brand to others.
  • Consumers want to interact with brands online. 73% have posted a review on Amazon.com, Yelp or Facebook, and 40% have “friended” a brand on Facebook.

One of the key takeaways is that consumers are more “engaged” with brands than ever before, primarily through the interconnectedness of social media. Engagement is the new metric of the social media age, and according to Razorfish, has displaced the thinking of Ad Wars.



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