Pre Game Warm Ups

Stuart Elliott, Jonah Hughes, Teressa Iezzi and the gang are all obligated to write X number of words about Super Bowl commercials leading up to, and following, today’s big game.
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Elliott says advertisers have a “tricky task before them. They must figure out the right way to speak to consumers worried about the wretched economy while at the same time not ignore the long-standing appeal of Super Bowl Sunday as a night of escapist fare.”
Iezzi says, “At the risk of both repeating myself and restating the obvious, the Super Bowl did not represent the pinnacle of advertising this year.” Which is kind of odd, since the game hasn’t happened yet.
Bloom says, “It won’t top any of the many meaningless Super Bowl ad charts, but the best advertising in the big game was Hyundai’s “Contract.” Again with the declarations before the fact. (Note: both Ad Age articles are dated Feb. 2)
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