Postaer Rejects Integrated Marketing

Steffan Postaer, in an otherwise nice piece on his dad’s legacy at RPA, wanders off into a rant about integration.

Pops couldn’t keep up with the times. The brave new world of banners and microsites was too much for him. Time to let the Facebook generation take over. Social networks are where it’s at. Give them something viral. Integrate or die!
Or recognize, as my father did, that integration is just a word we marketers use to sound smart; that in fact, the wizard beyond the curtain of Integration is basically a dumbfuck. An avatar of a know-it-all. A Google-eyed Yahoo.

When Postaer started his blog he tried to convince readers that integrated marketing is the saving grace for agencies in trouble. But this new entry sounds more real/less scripted.
But what of the message? “Dumbfuck behind the curtain” is pretty strong language for a marketing practice that is standard operating procedure today.



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