Pepsi Next and TaskRabbit Make Time For You

So busy you don’t have time to drink a Pepsi? Then Pepsi Next and TaskRabbit have just the thing.

In a new promotion from The Barbarian Group, Pepsi Next is giving away free TaskRabbit services in order to give you enough free time to try “the unbelievable taste of Pepsi Next.”

For those who don’t know (i.e. me, five minutes ago) TaskRabbit is an online service that allows busy people to outsource everyday chores to others. Pepsi will be giving away 50 tasks per week for four weeks in select cities with the goal of adding an extra hour onto each winner’s day.

It’s certainly a nice gesture, though from a conceptual standpoint I wish the link were stronger between “unbelievable taste” and having more hours in the day. And since Pepsi Next has caffeine in it, you’ll probably be more wired than ever after your free hour is up.

So maybe it’s less about gaining an extra hour than about getting more done in a day? (Leave it to an overworked copywriter to use his free hour to critique someone else’s promotion. I really need to get out more, maybe relax with a refreshing beverage. Oh, now I get it.)

Check out The Extra Hour here.



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