Euro RSCG Has Steffan And That’s More Than Most

Euro RSCG has been in the news this week. The New York office is struggling to hold the Intel account, reportedly worth a cool 300 mil. Out west, creative hot shop, Black Rocket which sold an 80 percent interest to the Parisians a few years ago say they now want their shop back. But Havas […]

His Job Is To Shed Light Not To Master

Howard Gossage was an inspiring man. A rogue gentleman who plied his trade in the city by the Bay. An academic who taught advertising at Penn State and wrote eloquently about the business. A man who saw himself as a critic and reformer. A man of the people. A man with big ideas for the […]

New and Notable

I’ve recently come upon three new sites that deserve some props. 1) Viral + Buzz Marketing Association, a European-based site concerned, as I am, with bringing customers’ voices into the marketing mix. 2) Change This, a well designed place to publish one’s manifesto (provided the proposal receives support from the site’s users). You can visit […]

Dr. Angus Surpasses Dr. Phil

While Dr. Phil is busy selling parents on the values of discipline for their children, Dr. Angus has unleashed a new diet on the American public. This diet advocates eating burgers made of angus beef, or steak burgers you might refer to them as. Pull up to any BK in the nation and get your […]

No Bombs On These Dots

Digitas just completed the first acquisition in its 24-year history, the $160 million stock-for-stock purchase of Modem Media. Starting with the open of the market on Monday, the combined company will be listed on the Nasdaq under the symbol DTAS, and Modem shares (MMPT) will cease to be traded.


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