Blogging The Buckeye State

Weblogs, Inc. has gone local with their first metro blog. The metro they chose to explore is the great state of Ohio—really an amalgamation of several metros. One of the better posts is from Hannah Blumenfeld. It’s about Anabelle’s, a dive bar in Akron, a.k.a. Aktucky. I discovered that the bar’s cigarettes were housed in […]

Referential V. Experiential

Greg Knauss picked up the slack for Jason Kottke, while Jason was off on honeymoon. The experience led Knauss to the following observations. There are two kinds of bloggers, referential and experiential. Kottke is one. I, now two weeks too late in realizing this, am another. The referential blogger uses the link as his […]

“Victory Records Is A Lifestyle Company” Doesn’t Sound Very Indie

Valley Wag is running “a purported email exchange” between Tony Brummel, head of indie label Victory Records, and Steve Jobs. Here’s how Brummel came at it: Victory Records is a lifestyle company and a brand that has always marched to the beat of its own drum and operated contrary to industry standards. That is a […]

Shelter From The Storm

Last night, MSNBC aired a debate among mayoral candidates from New Orleans. What would have normally been a regional broadcast went national, as the Crescent City’s future hangs in the balance. Given that the situation is so tenuous, it’s nice to see this story about KB Home in USA TODAY. KB Home, one of the […]

Content Is King

Stuart Elliott in yesterday’s New York Times: Like modern-day Medicis hoping to discover the next Da Vinci, marketers are becoming patrons of programming. Sometimes the lead is all you need.

Teaming With A Winner

According to Lewis Lazare, U.S. Cellular has agreed to a three-year, multimillion-dollar presenting sponsorship deal with the world champion White Sox, continuing its agreement with the team through the 2008 season. The company first signed on as a presenting sponsor for the 2005 season, a deal that complemented the $68 million naming rights agreement U.S. […]

Obviating The Lack Of Distinction

I don’t often don the art snob’s beret, but I think I’ll try it on tonight. According to PR Web, a fashion design team tampered with the purity of art in the name of commerce. Could it be otherwise? CarteBlanche, a luxury products company, has claimed responsibility for the controversial prank at the 2006 Whitney […]

Sounds Like Bacardi

Back in late 2002 and the first half of 2003 I was working to bring internet radio to my main client, Coors Brewing Company. I never got out of the shop with the idea. Although I did manage to set up a beta station–KTIG–for Integer, the agency that employed me at the time. Given my […]