Not So Fast With That Anonymity, Fella

The Los Angeles Times code of conduct requires journalists to identify themselves as such when dealing with the public. Michael A. Hiltzik, 53, a business columnist and a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for the paper, violated that ethics policy when using the names Mikekoshi and Nofanofcablecos, not only in posts to his own blog, but on […]

Purely Commercial Environment To Make Space For Ads

Ad Age reports on the desanctification of the iTunes store by advertising. Coming soon to iTunes: ads. Apple — a brand that prides itself on the purity of the user experience — will soon put up billboards on its popular iTunes service, according to content partners who have been briefed on the plan. Apple’s current […]

Can Unions Make A Comeback With The Help Of Advertising?

From the AP: The campaign set to begin Sunday is the first major initiative of the Change to Win labor federation. The 30-second ad, called “Make Work Pay,” shows shrinking images of workers as a narrator talks about the gulf between the rich and poor. “They don’t have golden parachutes or stock options,” the narrator […]

Let Words Work For You. Let Them Be Your Friend.

Todd at The Bullshit Observer dug up some wonderful thinking from a premier actor in one of his old concepting journals. MALKOVICH: We’re incredibly inarticulate, as a culture. We don’t really like language; I think we have a fundamental distrust of it. It probably has something to do with the fact that, to a great […]

Make Room For Marketing

Steve McKee of McKee Wallwork Cleveland in Albuquerque, NM has a piece in Business Week. His advise to budding entrepreneurs: If you can’t afford a marketing budget you can’t afford to open your doors. Is this dinosaur think? Or is it spot on?

Wearing Slacks With Flip Flops

From Ad Age: The Haggar Clothing Co., a department-store pants supplier bent on becoming a lifestyle brand, has hired Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Miami, in what it describes as an “unconventional partnership” that includes Crispin taking a minority equity position in the newly private Haggar. Haggar was delisted from Nasdaq after an investor group, led […]

American Knows Why You Fly To Mavs Games

How do you reward brand loyalty? If you own the Dallas Mavericks, you give your 20,000-plus season ticket holders a free flight on American Airlines. According to USA TODAY, Mavs’ owner, Mark Cuban announced the perk during “Fan Appreciation Night.” “We wanted to do something outrageous for our fans,” Cuban said. The promotion could cost […]

Moosehead Goes Balls Out

From Lewis Lazare: In-bar product sampling, usually done with the help of a cadre of buxom babes, has been one way brewers try to spark renewed interest in certain beer brands. But Moosehead lager, and its ad agency Tom Dick & Harry Advertising, wanted to go a different route in the guerrilla marketing war to […]