Online Soon To Be “The Dominant Advertising-Supported Medium”

Ad Age reports that Norm LeHoullier, one of interactive advertising’s first kingpins is retiring from Grey after 30 years of service.
The trade mag asked him a few questions on his way out the door. Here’s one:

Ad Age: What’s the role of interactive today in marketing?
Mr. LeHoullier: Five years ago, [Saatchi & Saatchi CEO] Kevin Roberts gave a speech at AdTech and said the internet is going nowhere until it can convey emotion. … It was a real downer at the meeting. But no one would be making that argument today. The functionality component [of the internet] is staying there, but the ability to deliver an emotional impact and persuasive experience is also there [thanks to video].
I can envision a future where the dominant advertising-supported medium is the internet, because on the television side, the percent that’s ad supported is rapidly declining, and with mobile media, that’s going to accelerate dramatically.



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