Ogilvy On Digital Advertising

Carla Hendra, co-chief executive of Ogilvy North America spoke to The Wall Street Journal about the elevated importance of digital in her organization.

The Wall Street Journal: Why is it crucial for Ogilvy to have a chief digital officer?
Ms. Hendra: Every single part of the Ogilvy business … has to be infused with digital, because it affects how consumers and customers behave now. We are really trying to move beyond what has been Web 1.0, the online branding and online direct-marketing and e-commerce advertising, to move into content and community plays … . To do that, we want someone whose full-time job is understanding everything about the digital landscape, and how to apply new technology to ideas and what kind of partnerships and alignments we need.

Hendra is joined in the discussion by Jean-Philippe Maheu, Ogilvy’s new Chief Digital Officer. He believes TV is beginning to mirror online content and he predicts that we will soon see more five-minute webisodes on TV proper. “TV culture is changing more than the ads,” he says.



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