Nornna, You Tube Celeb

NYT reports on the You Tube phenom Nornna.

Nornna’s videos, which number in the hundreds, are hardly salacious. Usually she is doing something completely commonplace: making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, powdering her feet, missing her bus, watching television. Some videos of Nonna have been viewed more than 50,000 times. As her videos gained an audience, her fans started posting videos of themselves watching Nornna, and the momentum was unstoppable.
The first Nornna-watching video was posted by James98105, a 26-year-old Seattle man. In his video, titled “Me eating and watching Nornna while she watches Chicken Litt,” he eats crackers while watching Nornna watch the movie “Chicken Little.” Her laughter can be heard just beneath his comments.
“The reason why I love Nornna’s videos so much is because her day-to-day activities in Wisconsin make me envious because I wish my life were that simple!” he wrote in an e-mail message.
James spurred others to post videos of themselves watching others watch videos that, at some point, included a Nornna video. Of these, the most popular, and most discussed on YouTube’s message boards, is pizzelle2’s “I Win at Nornna.” Like Nornna, pizzelle2 wouldn’t consent to an interview, but in the video, she declares herself the winner because one video she watches includes Nornna watching pizzelle2 watch Nornna. It is Nornna-watching gone full circle.



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