New Belgium Brewing Gives a Sip of Their Creative Process

New Belgium Brewing—a company directly responsible for the continued success of the craft brew market—gives an insightful view inside their creative process for new product launches.
Giddy Up. Ale brewed with lemon peel and infused with espresso.Their most recent offering is Giddy Up, a lemon peel brew infused with espresso. A quirky beer with an even quirkier label showcasing a rooster standing atop a horse.

Some have wondered where the name, and more prominently, the label image came from. Well, here’s the story of Giddy Up. It started as a naming brainstorm. It ended with a personality. And a really big…

New Belgium shares a brief email exchange about the naming of the beer – probably to avoid the rejected ideas – but I would be interested in seeing the timeline associated with the email exchange to better understand how long the name took to brew.
Get a look at the whole story on The Tinkerer, the official blog of New Belgium Brewing.



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