Mitch Joel Takes The Measure of A Modern Brand

Mitch Joel of Twist Image, a Canadian firm that “connects brands to people and people to brands,” has a pretty good bead on what the job of building brands has become today.

To achieve ROI in Digital Marketing, Joel says there’s no room for laziness.

Are you willing to do the long, hard and disruptive work or creating a brand ecosystem that you can truly measure? You see, the tools, technology and strategies exist. You can measure every link, image or channel that you’re thinking about engaging with, the challenge is that you need to create a formal framework (which will detail what you’re trying to accomplish, how you’re going to measure it and the economic value that it will bring). From that framework comes the even harder work of deploying it throughout the organization (getting everyone from the c-suite down) to agree and to be apart of this new marketing movement towards optimization and efficacy. And, if that wasn’t hard enough, once you overcome those hurdles, you have to actually do the work. Not just once. But constantly and consistently. You have to wake up in the morning – each and every day – with a smile on your face and say to yourself (and your team), “today is a great day! We’re going to destroy what doesn’t work, test more things, tweak others, build newer metrics and keep at it.”

The iterative process will not be denied.

Ditto the need for measurement and ROI.



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