Meowbook Is The New Catvertising

Cadbury sells a chocolate bar in Australia called Boost.

Droga 5 in collaboration with BE VIACOM, Ignite Media Brands and Carat sold Cadbury a cat video.

Sadly, it’s a mocumentary that’s been done before.

According to Campaign Brief, the three-part series, cleverly titled “Meme Myself and I,” is running on MTV Australia. The video also has nearly 60,000 views on YouTube.

A comment on Campaign Brief says, “curiously similar to every second pile of steaming branded content on offer in the ‘multiplatform’ world.” Which is too true. Consider this effort from Canadian agency John St. which debuted on YouTube last November:

I know there are no new ideas, but this is getting out of hand. There are new executions of the same idea. Can we agree on that?



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