Meet The Media Neutral Brand Chiropractor

Event Design Magazine featured Eduardo Braniff, the ceo and creative director of Imagination USA in March, but I just stumbled across the article yesterday.
Braniff on left
Describing his firm, Braniff says, “Being a consultancy reinforces us to be, first and foremost, a thought-leading enterprise. It’s a deliberate use of language. We solve problems, craft solutions, and understand situations. We use design and technology to achieve clarity. ‘Consultancy’ is more all-encompassing than ‘agency’ or ‘studio’. In the end, we want to be the McKinsey & Co. of creativity.”
Opened in 1978, Imagination cracked the £100 million mark last year. The company employs 372 people in London, Stockholm, Cologne, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney, New York, Toronto, Detroit, and Los Angeles.
Imagination’s bread-and-butter work is in the event space, but Braniff is quick to note that Imagination remains media-neutral. For Braniff, it’s not about integration, it’s about calibration. It’s not about message consistency, it’s about message alignment. It’s less about the perception of the brand and more about what’s inside it.



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