MediaCom NY Swings the Axe

It was a bloody Monday in NYC as Grey’s MediaCom laid off over 120 people on Monday.
In an email to the survivors:

Looking back and looking forward:
Yesterday was a difficult day for all of you, and you came through it so well, amid much uncertainty.
Yesterday we restructured our NY office to reflect changes in the marketplace and to recalibrate our structure to position MediaCom to be able to get the best results for our clients from you, the people of MediaCom. That restructure resulted in the departure of some of our people. This is the reality of a competitive business life.
Looking forward: the restructure will result in more technology and digital media capabilities, more ground support in each unit, and the ability to better deliver media-neutral communication strategies and implementation.
We thank our colleagues who left for their contributions to MediaCom and we wish them the very best success ahead.
We thank you for your work and contributions and look forward to collectively continuing to give our clients the best media thinking in the industry from the best group of media professionals in the industry.
People First >> Better Results

While it reeks of back-rubbing corporate double talk to those that were left behind, I did get a kick from the “Restructured…to recalibrate our structure” bit and that the layoffs will magically increase “ground support in each unit.”
I don’t have first hand knowledge of MediaCom NY, nor do I know anyone in their offices, but from the couple stories I’ve heard in the last couple of days, those that were let go are probably better off.



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