Mac Shareware Firm Gets Blogs

Mac shareware firm macZOT! turned to the legion of bloggers to release their newest piece of software, AppZapper. AppZapper is a nifty uninstaller application for OS X to hunt down the pesky preference and library files which get installed, but are often left floating around when an application is deleted.
Beginning this morning, they lobbied bloggers far and wide to promote AppZapper by promising to reduce the introductory price of $12.95 by 5 cents for every blog that mentioned the application.
If the resulting mentions brought the price to zero, they pledged to give away the software for free to the first 1,000 downloaders or midnight tonight, April 3, 2006. Sure enough, they hit their mark, and held to their promise.
Assuming they hit the full 1,000 download mark, the promotion on paper will knock about $13k out of potential revenues, but I’d say the buzz alone will generate enough future sales to cover.



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