Lurid Content Brings Mad Traffic

According to Technorati, Steve Rubel’s site, Micropersuasion, has 10,733 links from 3,149 sites. I bet there are times—now, for instance—when Rubel wishes there were a link, or two, less.
Strumpette, the latest entry into the PR blogging club, came out with all guns firing. In her first post, Amanda Chapel rips Rubel and his employer, Edelman, a new one.

Rubel’s uncensored words are an indelible tattoo on the Edelman institution. Seriously, if you are going to hire a counter tenor as corporate spokesperson, he’d better be able to hit the all high notes. Apparently, there are times when Steve opens his mouth and all that comes out is “wind.”

As if that riposte wasn’t exciting enough, her second post, made today, takes aim at B.L. Ochman.

I’ve seen your site B.L. Who picked out that outfit anyway? I mean, there’s no there there.

Remind me to never cross this woman.



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