Looking Forward: Trends for 2005

Time for a little “audience participation” segment while David is on the road (and perhaps to silence the naysayers who wonder what I actually do as ‘Publisher’ – see, I’m doin’ somethin’).
Anyway, it seems the majority of our audience is involved in the ad industry in some aspect. The question to you; What do you see shaping up in the ad/marketing industry over the coming year? We are looking for all things related to our industry whether it be interactive, traditional print, self promotion or even changes to other industries which may effect what you do.
Drop your viewpoints in the Comments and frame it with general respect to your position if you desire (agency-creative, agency-account management, client-side, etc).
If you want to moderately protect your privacy, drop your comments directly to me via email (shartley -at- gmail -dot- com) and I’ll periodically add your anonymized comments to the conversation.
Fire away.



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