Listening In On Microbrands. Hook It Up!

LA Times is running a piece on the return of internet radio. Since I listen to internet radio every day (I’m near a computer), I hadn’t realized the medium had gone away. In fact, I’m still discovering new stations all the time. Just last week, thanks to Bret Dougherty, I found WXYC in Chapel Hill and it instantly became a new favorite.
Doc Searls didn’t think much of the article. However, I did find some of it interesting. The notion that portability is the key to mass adoption is obvious, but also intriguing. For Walkman-style mobility to become an internet radio reality, Wi-Max must first become the standard in urban centers and along all interstates. Wi-Max blankets large areas with a high speed wireless signal, much like cellular networks or tertiary radio does today.
Apple could drive this thing like a go-cart if they made iPods capable of picking up such signals.

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