Liquid Plumr Double Impact

There are some days I bang my ahead against my desk and then there are other days when I just say WTF? Today has been a little bit of both with a chuckle thrown in for good measure.

Here’s Liquid Plumr’s new spot for Double Impact Snake and Gel System. Kudos to DDB San Francisco for getting this sold.


The packaged goods brand is getting some push back from offended viewers on its YouTube and Facebook page. Here is the brand’s response on FB:

Our advertising is created to provide accurate, useful information about our products in a memorable way. But we understand that what is memorable and considered good advertising can be very subjective. And we appreciate hearing from you when you like our advertising and when you don’t. We take all feedback into consideration each time we create new advertising.

Are you offended or enthralled by this ad? Also, what do you make of the brand’s response?



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