Likeable Business Reads Like A “Greatest Hits” For Marketers Seeking Fans

I’ve come across dozens of books that emphasize the popular wisdom regarding building customer relationships, providing excellent service, creating memorable customer experiences, and using social media to connect with people. But if you need a quick overview of the whole shebang, you’d do well to get Dave Kerpen’s new book, Likeable Business: Why Today’s Consumers Demand More And How Leaders Can Deliver.

There’s no secret sauce here, just a basic outline of the major ways companies are making themselves more valuable in the minds of their best customers, and the public at large. Kerpen fills the book with a ton of brands and companies as examples – it’s a 200-page book, and there’s practically a new example on each page.

As many of these books do, it always comes down to who’s really the audience for this message. Kerpen directly addresses the CEOs, CMOs, and other people who either have, or need to have, a handle on how every interaction with customers reflect a brand. If you’re not in a position to directly influence your company’s customer service or engagement strategy, you’ll have a tough time implementing Kerpen’s suggestions. But Likeable Business is a great compendium of success stories, examples, and how-to’s for the world we’re in right now.

Special thanks to Likeable Media for providing me with a review copy.



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