“Leaving Las Vegas” Director Makes Softcore Short

Kate Moss says she plans to wed Pete Doherty. Yet, that’s not the big Kate Moss news of the day. For that, we turn to Life Style Extra:

Lingerie giant Agent Provocateur had posted a racy four-minute advert featuring the catwalk beauty on their website, www.agentprovocateur.com, and a huge number of people clicked on causing the site’s server to crash.
The film is the first in a four-part series directed by Hollywood filmmaker Mike Figgis that depicts Kate having dreams in her underwear.
The first instalment shows the 32-year-old catwalk beauty writhing around on a bed dressed in all-black in a pair of tiny briefs, a corset, bra, sexy tights and a pair of leather gloves.
Kate admits she is delighted with the finished film.
She said: “I leapt at the chance to work with Mike Figgis for Agent Provocateur as it is the only lingerie I wear. The films look amazing. I’m thrilled for them.”



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