Jim Beam Makes A Deal With The Devil

Back when I was in school at the University of Georgia, fall Saturdays meant two things: Football, and Beam & Cokes.

Jim Beam’s come a long way since then, and thanks to StrawberryFrog, is taking a premium version of its bourbon called Devil’s Cut and rolling it out with a decidedly darker, but playful, approach.

As the press release states:

When bourbon ages, a percentage of the liquid evaporates- that’s commonly referred to as the Angel’s Share. After the bourbon is poured out of the barrel, some of the evaporated liquid is trapped inside the barrel wall; that’s what Beam calls the Devil’s Cut.

It’ll be interesting to see if Jim Beam’s extensions will catch on the way the regular bourbon did, and make it something folks specifically ask for. Back in the day, I could instinctively ask for another Beam & Coke no matter how many I’d already had.



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