Some Selective Words For Microsoft

Bah, humbug!

“Windows gives me the family, nature never could.” You’re kidding me. That’s your line?
Also, riddle me this Microsoft Porter & Bogusky, “the cloud” is now a branded term that Microsoft owns? For the non-geeks in the audience “cloud computing” is an industry-wide term used to describe decentralized computing made available by hosted solutions. Using Google Docs, for instance, or Microsoft’s web-based MS Word, are examples of cloud computing. There are many more examples, but none of them are dependent on any one company. Trying to brand and own “the cloud” is therefore anti-social behavior, at best.
“To the cloud” is the campaign’s thematic line. It could be thought of innocently, as in, not the Windows 7-enabled cloud, but you know, just to “the cloud,” that shapeless, odorless puffery that maybe you’ve heard of but don’t fully understand. Or one might see what else is at work here. If people start associating “the cloud” with Windows 7 it’s a big win for the company. In other words, there’s ruthlessness at work here.



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