It’s The Platform, Stupid

At a press conference to launch the Facebook’s new chat features yesterday, Zuck said the entrance of Google and others into the social space “validates” his company’s view that social is the wave of the future.

According to Fast Company, Zuckerberg’s equanimity stems in part from the fact that his company has a new strategic focus. If the past was about building the social network itself, the future, he said, was about enabling other companies to build new, socially infused applications on top of that.

“Our job is to stay focused on building the best service for that,” he said. “And if we do that, then there’s a massive market and a lot of value to be built in the world. And if we don’t, then someone else will do it.”

The next five years, Zuckerberg said, is no longer going to be about simply creating a place for people to get connected. It’s going to be about all the things you can do once people are connected.



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