It Feels Good To Be Clean

Tide’s Loads of Hope program is one of the best cause-related programs I’ve seen in a long time. Maybe ever.
When Hurricane Katrina first hit New Orleans, thousands of families were left without basic comforts like clean clothes. In response, the Tide Loads of Hope mobile laundry program traveled to the city, helping provide clean clothes and renew a sense of hope.
For the past three years, Loads of Hope has washed over 35,000 loads of laundry for over 20,000 families. Tide was there after Hurricane Katrina, the Southern California Wildfires, the Iowa floods, and most recently for Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Ike.
The Loads of Hope truck features 32 high-effiency washers and dryers and Tide also has a fleet of vans that provide same day laundry service in partnership with local laundromats.
The thing I love about this program is how real and down-to-earth it is. This isn’t a cause that gets debated in Congressional chambers. It’s people helping people live on the street. And that’s the kind of impact and impression a brand wants to make. It’s unforgettable for anyone involved.
Naturally, you can buy Tide to support this program, but there’s also a more direct avenue for support. Tide is selling vintage t-shirts for $20 and dedicating the funds to Loads of Hope. I’m buying one now.



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