IPG Ponies Up

Adweek reports that Stacey Lynn Koerner, evp, director of global research integration at Interpublic Group’s Initiative, has been named president of the Consumer Experience Practice, a newly formed unit within IPG Media.

“Consumers are moving fluidly and dynamically through media and content today,” Koerner said in a statement. “Our challenge is to create brand experiences that move with them in ways that heighten their engagement rather than disrupt it.”

This, on the heels of Publicis Group’s announcement last week of Denuo, their entry into the new media lottery.
Eric Mattson, an American marketer and entrepreneur currently living in Stockholm, Sweden points out that “Interpublic Group has 91 companies, $6 billion in annual revenues, 43,000 employees and 3 corporate blogs.”
Hugh MacLeod reasons that IPG is slow to blog, because, “Blogging, when done correctly, is CHEAP and EASY. Ad agencies are in the business of selling stuff that is NEITHER.”
As I’ve said in this space before, conversational media needn’t by definition be cheap, nor easy. It can be, and for bootstrappers it presents a wonderful means of connecting. Hugh has proven that can be done with great success. I’m still interested in seeing how it might be done with bigger budgets.



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