iGot A Useless Phone, So Far

Okay, so I took off from work at 4:30 yesterday to go stand in line at the AT&T store to get an iPhone. That wasn’t bad. Got out of there at 6:45, hoping to post a shot of the AdPulp home page as it appears on my iPhone. You know, just to complete the cycle of geekdom I reside in.
But instead, I get home and I find out the activation could take up to 24 hours because I’m switching from Verizon using my old cell number. So I wait…15 hours and counting.
I’m just bitching. But I guess if there’s a product that’s the result of a partnership between 2 brands, nothing kills my love for one (Apple) like my experience with the other (AT&T).
The only thing I can do with my iPhone is turn it on and use the “slider” on the screen to get the emergency call window. But that’s fun. Sort of.
[UPDATE] So on Saturday night, after waiting 26 hours for AT&T to try and port my old cell number from Verizon and activate my phone, I decided to start over with a new cell phone number. And then my phone activated immediately. That’s the way it should be.



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