If Your’e Going To Make Up Terms, Make Them Make Sense

“Native advertising refers to a specific mode of monetization that aims to augment user experience by providing value through relevant content delivered in-stream.”

That’s how Solve Media describes the latest buzz word to emerge unchecked from the depths of the marketers’ group mind.

Solve Media Infographic

Of course, there is a full menu of definitions to choose from. But none of them make sense to me. Not even this one from Friend of AdPulp and leader of Deep Focus, Ian Schaefer:

Advertising that takes advantage of a platform in the ways consumers are actually using it.

Advertising is not native. Hence, the phrase “Native Advertising” is a contradiction in terms.

Is it a better choice of words than “Content Marketing” or “Brand Storytelling”? No. It’s not. But quality has never really been Adlandia’s thing, has it?

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