HumanKind For Five Kind Humans

I like to mail things to people. T shirts, books, letters, you name it. Maybe we’ll open an AdPulp store someday. But not today. Today is promo day!
Yesterday, the FedEx trucked stopped in front of the cottage and left a box of books on the stoop. Inside the box are six cellophane-wrapped hardcover editions of HumanKind by Tom Bernardin and Mark Tutssel of Leo Burnett.
HumanKind invites readers into the world of the legendary advertising agency, Leo Burnett and gives a behind-the-scenes look at a global creative network that believes modern-day communication needs to start and end with people.
“This book is not about advertising, brand propositions or selling products,” said Bernardin. “It’s about people – what engages them, moves them and inspires them to act a certain way, and ultimately enriches their lives.”
If this new book sounds like one for you and your library, I’ll mail it to you for free. It’s a $29 book, plus shipping, by the way. But not for you. You read AdPulp and AdPulp readers deserve and receive special treatment.
Given the book’s focus on people, not “consumers,” it makes sense to build on that theme. I’d like to hear more about the people that inspire you to act the way you do. So here’s the deal, jump over to AdPulp’s Facebook page and post an image of the person that inspires you on our Wall. Tell us who the person is and what makes them inspirational. Please begin your post with this headline: HumanKind Promo. Thanks.
Note: We have five books to give. When you deliver a winning entry on the FB, I’ll leave a comment on your post, asking for your mailing address.



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