How Much Will You Fork Over For “Wanky Juvenile Sounds”?

I’ve been meaning to put together a post on MySpace’s move into the retail music space. But I just couldn’t muster the interest. Until George Parker woke me from my slumber with his acerbic wit, that is.

The new MySpace Music Store will feature excruciatingly bad MP3 downloads of really fucking awful music from hot band wannabees at prices set by the individual bands, and can you believe this… There will be 3 million of them! All or nearly all of whom are unsigned musicians with no industry affiliation. Which means every garage band nightmare will now be able to pollute the Internet with their wanky juvenile sounds. Is this how the Internet will destroy the business model of the recording industry? Or is this how the Internet will destroy your eardrums? Probably both.

Here’s another piece of the story no one seems tuned into. iTunes provides MP4 files. MP3s, which MySpace will sell, are inferior files, by comparison.



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