Hopefully The End Of Business As Usual Won’t Have The Usual Readers

I always get a little suspicious when I hear someone proclaim “The End Of…” something related to marketing. See here. And there’s nothing subtle about the title of Brian Solis’ new book, The End of Business As Usual: Rewire the Way You Work To Succeed In the Consumer Revolution.

While other folks do a better job of shouting about change at the top of their lungs, Solis is much more methodical. So the structure of the book is quite instructional, from outlining the new ways people connect to providing a framework for the way sales cycles function these days.

That said, I’m a little curious as to who this book is meant for. There’s nothing here that’s incredibly new, and not much that hasn’t already been said many times over on blogs and in business publications. Solis does have a way of presenting all the information very well and very comprehensively, making this book worthwhile. But are there people out there who still don’t get it? Even companies who don’t incorporate social very well probably understand that they should be expanding their marketing methods. There’s just a legion of obstacles in the way.

One thing I will say, is that the actual old-school hardcover paper version of The End of Business As Usual is chock full of pictures, infographics, and screen captures that help illustrate the point. So I can’t say whether the Kindle version packs as much punch. But if you need a good stocking stuffer for the CEO or CMO who’s been asleep at the switch for too long, consider this book.

Special thanks to Wiley for providing me with a review copy.



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