“Heidi Klum Wird McHottie” Causes Freedom Of Speech Stir

According to Heidi Klum’s father, we’re not supposed to use his daughter’s name “for advertising purposes.” A German blogger, did just that in late Novemebr 2004, and 13 months later Guenther Klum officially objected.

The name “Heidi Klum” is protected by law ® and TM. I’m asking you to delete the name from your URL and desist from using the name “Heidi Klum” for advertising purposes. I have set January 2nd 2006 as a deadline for compliance.
Thank you for understanding my point of view.
Guenther Klum

The blogger’s URL is Werbeblogger.de. I do not see any reference to Ms. Klum in there. So, the elder Klum must be suggesting bloggers are not to type his daughter’s name, under any circumstance. How perplexing.
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