Gyro Offers Its City Some Nice Spec Work

I used to live in Philly and it’s far from the ugliest city in America. Yet, Travel & Leisure named it such in a readers’ poll. The readers have obviously never been to Gary, Indiana. At any rate, Philadelphia-based agency Gyro is now making lemonade from the lemons.
Gyro CEO Steven Grasse remarks, “Walking around this city is like rubbernecking at a car accident. It’s hideous, but you just can’t stop gawking. It’s fascinating and deeply disturbing at the same time.” “I’m from Philly. My ancestors are from Philly. And it seems every day I see new levels of ugliness. It’s time we cashed in on our heinousness.”
According to Gyro’s press release, this is a campaign without a client at this time. The agency will offer the campaign to the board of the Greater Philadelphia Tourism and Marketing Corporation. Gyro would like to see the campaign run in hipster publications that beautiful people look at such as Surface, BlackBook and Nylon. “Beautiful People love to feel superior to everyone else,” comments Grasse.



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