Gore Promotes Movie on MySpace

Gotta love Al Gore for using the fruits of his own invention to promote his own movie. His invention of course is what we have come to call The Internet and his documentary is “An Inconvenient Truth.” I believe it has something to do with Ewoks.
From OnlineMediaDaily:

MySpace’s campaign for “An Inconvenient Truth” includes a custom-designed site where the community’s more than 70 million registered members can meet and exchange ideas. Among other features, the page offers a “personal environmental impact calculator” for users to assess their personal contribution to global warming. The site also presents related facts and tips for reducing carbon emissions and living “green.”
Going beyond the Internet, the campaign will culminate in a 10-city MySpace theater buyout on June 16, with free tickets going to select members of “An Inconvenient Truth”‘s MySpace community.
In addition, MySpace’s music channel is featuring an artist-on-artist interview between the former vice president and a to-be-announced rock star who is also happens to be part of the MySpace community. The MySpace movies channel will spotlight an interview with the film’s director, Davis Guggenheim.



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