Google Goes For The Heartstrings As Well As The Eyeballs

Google is one company that definitely doesn’t rest. Nor are they immune from good ol’ fashioned advertising efforts.

The New York Times has more:

Lorraine Twohill, Google’s vice president for global marketing, would not disclose how much the company had increased its advertising spending, but said there had been a shift in strategy.

“As we got bigger, we had more competition, more products, more messages to consumers, so we needed to do a bit more to communicate what these products are and how you can use them,” she said.

Also as Google comes under attack from antitrust regulators, it can’t hurt to tell heartwarming stories about Google to wide audiences.

“If we don’t make you cry, we fail,” Ms. Twohill said. “It’s about emotion, which is bizarre for a tech company.”

Even though Google is gargantuan, they still have plenty of work to do. In my own personal experience, Google+ has turned out to be of little use to me and the people in my “circles,” despite numerous press reports that user numbers are skyrocketing. Instant domination is not assured for everything Google touches — hence, the ramp up in advertising.



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