Gemmell Pulls A Jarvis

Dean Gemmell is having trouble with his Brother printer. Brother isn’t helping matters. Surprise, surprise.

No matter what we tried, this printer spat out pages only when the spirit moved it. Despite our best efforts, made in a spirit of cooperation with the HL-1440, this cantankerous little bastard would not cede control.

Yo Brother, ever heard Jeff Jarvis and his issues with Dell? Okay, that was rhetorical. Clearly, the Brother pr people and legal team have not heard. For here’s how they responded to Gemmell’s frustration with their product:

Brother Customer:
If you decide to publicize any comments regarding Brother, I must caution you to take care that any and all statements you make are accurate and verifiable.
We contract an outside agency to monitor the Internet for all information posted regarding Brother. This information is periodically reviewed by our legal department. Brother pursues legal action and
seeks punitive damages against any individuals that post information which is either untrue or slanderous to Brother’s reputation.
We say this not as a threat, but only to advise you that you consider your actions carefully.

In short, one’s complaints must be acccurate. My guess is Dean Gemmell can make a solid case for his claim that “Brother printers suck.”



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