Gas Prices and Keeping it Green

Hawaii is on the verge of implementing a cap on gasoline prices effective September 1st, meanwhile big oil is asking for a delay. The economics of the situation are rather interest, opponents of the price cap are arguing that a mandated cap will actually result in shortages as filling stations will opt to stop selling gas in lieu of a money losing situation and thus forcing higher prices on ‘black market’ for gasoline.
I commute by bike a couple days a week, and have for years, but primarily from an environment sensitivity. With gas prices, I’ve added an extra day here and there, but more out of convenience. Riding my bike into work today, I saw two cars with more than one occupant and got to thinking. Since the $2.00+/gallon prices are hitting everyone anyway, at what price point will you, or did you, seek alternative transportation?
For me, $3/gallon would probably get me riding as much as possible (in my neck of the woods we are around 2.20 right now). How about the rest of you?



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