From Desk to Dawn

Our friends at Reginald Pike pointed us to their breaking creative for Old Navy’s Back-To-School. Click the image to view the two spots.

Some of the shrieks emanating from multiplexes across America this summer won’t be the result of blockbuster thrillers. Rather they will be caused by something a lot closer to home: the abject horror at realizing that
back to school time is closer than you think.
A couple of spine-chilling spots from Old Navy put old horror film tropes to good use as less than gentle reminders. Directed by the Perlorian Brothers
and conceived by Deutsch, Los Angeles, the spots are a faithful homage
to the classic campfire-in-the-woods slasher film and the cold-blooded-killer-from-the- deep movies and promise to have teens running straight from campgrounds and beaches everywhere directly to their nearest Old Navy.



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