Freedom Runs On Information, And Google Loves Information

Sticks and stones make break Google’s bones, but words will never hurt her. Yet, dart-like words are flying.

According to Times of India, Google denied that the US government meddles in its business decisions after Chinese state media published an opinion piece saying the Internet-search company is a “tool” of US foreign policy.

Google is “playing its political cards in China” after helping disseminate subversive content that led to disorder in Middle Eastern countries, according to the People’s Daily piece, written by a person identified as Zheng Yan.

Yan called Google “a tool of US expansionism and hegemony.” The Internet company is “very compliant” with the strategic objectives of the US government, he argues.

I did not locate the article on the English version of People’s Daily, but I did locate another one about how the U.S. doesn’t own the Internet (or the moral high ground).

The US Patriot Act allows the government to monitor citizens’ online communications, including their browsing history. The grandstanding of the US about information freedom is fundamentally insincere.

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